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One attachment. Unlimited possibilities.

The SRS Universal compact coupler and attachment system is the only smart interchangable solution on the mini excavatpor market. We configure the inside of our couplers to the exact specifications of each mini-excavator OEM. Consequently our couplers don’t change any of the machines original range of motion and more importantly, they don’t reduce the break out force.

Saving you money!

1. Our universal quick attach wedge style coupler allows for quick and easy swaps between various attachments.

2. Our wedge style coupler can be upgraded to a hydraulic coupler by simply adding to a compact dual action hydraulic cylinder for even faster attachment swaps.

3. Our couplers outside geometry allows for our attachments to be swapped between most brands of mini-excavators within one of the 4 size based categories outlined in the chart below.

4. We offer weld on ears to retrofit buckets or attachments that you may already own to our quick coupler systems.

5. All our attachments are made from high quality material including high tensile T1 and AR-400 steel.

6. We use popular, inexpensive and readily available steel side pin style bucket teeth.

Will fit any brand of mini excavators.

Below is only a sample of the brands our universal coupler will fit on. In reality, we can customize our coupler to fit all brands of mini-excavators. If you already own other attachments, no worries, you can easily convert them to use our coupler saving you even more money! Call us today to get more information.

Fitment specification table.